Georgia Insurance Discount Course

AAA The Auto Club Group

Take This Online Course And Receive:
  • Receive a 10% reduction in your auto insurance premiums for three years (Learn More)
  • Premium reduction applied to any auto insurance policy
  • Certificate of Completion shipped same day
  • Payments lowered by an average of $560!*

To be eligible for a mandatory 10% reduction in your automobile insurance premiums (motor vehicle liability, first-party medical, and collision coverage) upon completion of our course, please review the following qualifications:

  1. All named drivers on the policy must be at least 25 years of age
  2. All named drivers must have no traffic offenses in the prior three years or since the date of first license issuance in Georgia, whichever period is shorter
  3. All named drivers have had no at fault claims against an insurer in the prior three years
  4. All named drivers complete this (or another) approved course

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